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Small Business June 4, 2006

Posted by yonnie in Small Business.

It is near impossible to thrive in small business and home-based businesses without many things one of which is networking.  Since I am a small business owner of http://www.basketsbyyonnie.com, I have met many wonderful people on the web through various groups.  One of my favorites is http://www.QFlea.com.  The owner of this site is Charles Silverman.  I have never met him.  He resides in New York state and I reside in New Jersey. 

He has developed he most wonderful FREE site for small business owners and I believe the membership is well over 400 members who share ideas and opportunities that they have come across with other members.

Membership is FREE and the only requirement is that you join QFlea's Yahoo Group.  If you are looking to network and learn so many things from other business owners, check them out at http://www.Qflea.com.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised.  As for shopping, they have such a variety of items and services among their business members!



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